Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Becoming an American...

I am reading David McCullough's John Adams biography now. Very inspiring. Whether or not I actually make the jump and become a citizen is TBD, but I definitely understand more of the American psyche in the midst of this book.

That psyche used to be more than just pursuit of wealth and pleasure. It was more about virtues and independence; rights and constitution. To be an American is surely more than the shallow perceptions we normally give it. Certainly the people I meet around the world expect more from us.

Our kids are happy to be half-breeds: Canadian+American. Having spent most of their years stateside has made them more American than not, in good ways and bad.

The bottom line with Adams: hard work, constant learning, no complacency, respect for debate, love of family, resistance to war if at all possible.

Maybe I'll become an American if the majority starts to think more like John, and discards the troublesome policies and egos of the past several years. We'll see.

In the meantime, my vote for Obama will be cast vicariously.


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